Insolvency Services

Business Recovery and Insolvency

Whether your Company has completed its purpose and reached a natural end of life, or you are facing pressures in your business due to circumstances outside your control, we can provide the right advice and solutions to help you to a satisfactory conclusion.


Many difficulties businesses face do not have to be critical but leaving them unchecked is the riskiest approach.   Liquidation is not always the inevitable outcome for companies experiencing difficulties, and if directors take advice and action early enough, there are options which will allow the company to survive, and to protect the jobs of its employees.


We can advise on a range of Recovery and Insolvency options including

  • Debt Restructuring
  • Examinership
  • Members Voluntary, Creditors Voluntary and Court Liquidations
  • Independent Expert reports
  • Schemes of Arrangement with Creditors


We are particularly passionate about helping business survive where at all possible, and where it is to the benefit of majority of the interested parties to do so.  To this end our Managing Partner, Alan McLean, has been active in the area of Examinership for many years, and has been worked with 25% of all the companies who have made applications to the courts for protection under Examinership over the last 15 years, including the vast majority of successful cases which resulted in the survival and thriving of Irish businesses/employers. 


Where survival isn’t possible, we can assist a company, and its directors, staff, and creditors, through the final phases of it lifecycle, either as a solvent or insolvent liquidation. 

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